Sue Bell Ecology

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The following selection of projects provides some examples of the type of work that Sue undertakes. This is not a comprehensive list - contact Sue for more information.


Water of Leith Management Plan

The plan was prepared for the Water of Leith Conservation Trust on behalf of the statutory agencies, groups and organisations that are involved in managing the river. Copies can be seen via the Water of Leith Conservation Trust website.


Use of jute matting to control Elodea canadensis

The presence of Canadian waterweed (Elodea canadensis) in some Scottish lochs that have been designated for their biodiversity has led to them being considered as in unfavourable condition. This study, undertaken for Scottish Natural Heritage, installed jute matting in Loch Libo in Renfrewshire, to assess its effectiveness in controlling E. canadensis.


Habitats Regulation Appraisal & Appropriate Assessment - Clackmannanshire Local Development Plan

Sue was approached to collate and interpret information to inform the Appropriate Assessment of the evolving Clackmannanshire Local Development Plan.


Site Condition Monitoring - Scottish Lochs

The condition of designated sites is assessed by Scottish Natural Heritage on a six-yearly basis. Sue has undertaken surveys of water plants to inform the assessments of standing water bodies. In 2014 this involved visits to Skye, Rannoch Moor, the Cairngorms and the Scottish Borders.


Snarestone Reserve - Ashby Canal

Sue has carried out work for the Ashby Canal Restoration Project since 1997. Currently, she undertakes annual monitoring surveys of the rate of colonisation of the offline nature reserve constructed at Snarestone.